The sport of kiteskiing or kitesnowboarding is very user friendly, taking you only few hours to learn the basics.

This is the most user-friendly sport you'll ever do! Discover the next generation of skiing and snowboarding with the exciting dimension of traction kites added! With skis or snowboards, it will provide you with more fun and excitement than you could ever imagine.

Harnessing the power of the wind, kiteskiing or kitesnowboarding will give you the endless freedom to ride across the snow-covered landscapes or frozen lakes.

The back country potential is endless, discovering a wonderful peace and serenity that only comes with wind sports like snow kiting.

You will sail with your friends for hours without frustration of lift lines and the expense of lift tickets. Anytime it snows, you travel to the near field or lake and you are making first tracks all day long!

This is the most user-friendly sport you will ever do and the fun and enjoyment is unrivaled by any other winter sport. The sport can range from low impact and very relaxing, to very extreme. Let your soul be your guide!

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