When the unfortunate happens and your paraglider or kite gets damaged, Kiteloft is there to offer full and professional repair service.

leading edge repair

Kiteloft is the largest and most experienced paraglider and kite repair centre in Canada and USA and provides complete service for kite and paraglider repairs of any make, ram-air foils or inflatables. You can rest assured that your kite or paraglider will be repaired with precision and a quick turnaround.

Kiteloft has been repairing paragliders since 1995 and traction kites since 2000 and holds a large stock of materials...such as ripstop nylon, dacron as well as various spectra and kevlar products along with paraglider and kite bridal and power lines.Kiteloft is capable of sourcing and replacing full OEM panels if the damage is extensive.

leading edge repair

All repairs done with precision and the final repair area is as as strong or stronger than the original configuration. We only use approved materials/fabrics and the repairs are sewn with bonded polyester UV and mildew resistant thread, with minimum stretch.

Kiteloft also repairs any parts of paragliders, kites, inflatable kite leading edges and struts. We also offer Replacement bladders and struts for nearly all makes and sizes of kites.

By getting your kite or paraglider repaired at Kiteloft, you're ensuring your kite or paraglider will be as strong, and fly as well as it did before the damage was done. And most repairs are barely noticeable due to the large color selection of materials available in stock!

The turn around time for repairs is usually within a couple of days of receiving your equipment. And if you are in a real panic a 24hour turnaround repair service is also possible!

We stock some items for do-it-yourself repair, such as bladder and self adhesive ripstop nylon tapes, replacement bladders and replacement lines.

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