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kite in a tree

My son put his 2004, 9m peter lynn G2 in a tree today at Long beach.. the winds spiked upto 32 mph .. and he pulled the release,(he only weighs 85 pounds, unfortunately he didn't hang on to the safety release, and I guess it came loose.... so the kite just sailed into the trees...anyways - 40feet up in a tree today ... it took me 2 hours to get it down .. there are two major rips near the end on one side of the twinskin ... they are pretty bad, but I believe they are repairable.. let me know if you repair these ...

Thanks for the great job on the kite...!! it's as good as new.. as a matter of a fact, I can't even find the repairs! I highly recommend anyone who needs this type repair to contact Kiteloft, you won't be disappointed...
Steve,Mon May 23, 2005

Just got my kite repaired at Kiteloft after the my leading edge exploded. I am impressed with the job. It's super professional. I can barelly see that the kite has been repaired even though it looked like a real mess before. Kiteloft gets the work done super fast and at a super good price. I really recommend that you contact Kiteloft if you want to bring your kite back to almost new. Thanks from a happy customer!
Mike L.,Thu Oct 12, 2006

Just wondering if you will repack my reserve parachute this winter as this is the second year since it has been done!! BTW My glider works excellent since you have made the repair to it thanks again!
Jerry S.,Sat Oct 21, 2006

Hi Lenka, A quick note to say I am very pleased with the repair ... the wing responds as well as ever. My old paramotor does not have a clutch or an electric start so that is the second time I have been walking with a wing bunched up in my arms and had it catch in the engine ... so if I do it again I will certainly know who to call!
Best regards,
David,Shelburne NS, Agust 23/2007

Thank you very much for fixing the kite...it looks great, I would recommend your repair service to anyone who has got a kite in need of repair. Thanks for the toque too...
John W.,February 19/2007